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Aviva Drive


Safer drivers can now save an average of £150 on their Aviva car insurance with our free Aviva drive app. 44% of them could achieve a saving of £150 or more*The app uses your phone's GPS to track your driving over 200 miles.
Once you’ve completed 200 miles, you’ll get an individual driving score between 0-10 (10 being the safest). We’ll give you driving feedback and calculate your personal Aviva Drive discount.

Optimum accuracy - Some things affect the precision of GPS on your phone, so for the most accurate score, we recommend you use an in-car cradle or place your phone in a stable position.
We won’t use GPS data which could be unreliable, so you may find the mileage recorded by the app for some journeys is less than the actual mileage you’ve driven.
Battery usage - GPS requires battery power. If you’re planning a long journey, consider using an in-car charger.
Low scores - A score of 3.1 or above recognises your safer driving behaviour and is rewarded with a discount. Aviva won’t penalise drivers with lower scores. Our competitive standard premium will still be available, but without the Aviva Drive discount.

Your data - The data we collect will be used to help us build an understanding of your driving behaviour and risk, and will adhere to the high standards that Aviva apply for all customer data collected.
The auto start/stop function means you don’t even have to remember to start the app, provided your phone is switched on, the app will auto-record your journeys for you.Keep safe on the road and never use your phone whilst you’re driving, stop in a safe place and turn off your engine before interacting with the app.
*Safer drivers, who score 7.1 plus on our free Aviva Drive app, can now save an average of £150 on their Aviva comprehensive car insurance - a saving which could be achieved by 44% of them. Based on policies bought direct from Aviva between 1st September 2014 and 31st October 2015. Discount is available on first car per policy and depends on score and price - minimum £200. Discount does not apply to optional extras. Compatible handset required. Data charges may apply